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This article is about

The Adventures of Young Elizabeth and Rollo,
the Cat Who thought He Was a Dog

By Les Cohen, writer of marketing and political materials
– father of his own Elizabeth who inspired this story.

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It’s for middle grade readers.  The full PDF version has 70,173 words on 138 pages.  And it’s available for purchase at Apple Books for just 99¢.  (Very affordable!)

Here’s a brief outline of the book, followed by the first chapter with the full Table of Contents…

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YE&R is middle grade fiction, 70,173 words in 14 fast-moving episodes (chapters). This book is intended to be the first of three to five related stories following Elizabeth and friends through high school and college.

It’s a tale of adventure like no other, for both girls and boys, to give YE&R Logothem a really enjoyable experience that leaves them wanting to read more – in general, of course, but about Elizabeth and Rollo in particular. (Parents of these middle graders are encouraged to read it too.)

Young Elizabeth,” the short title, is the story of a fifteen year-old girl in the summer before her sophomore year in high school – and that same girl, four years later, when she’s a freshman in college.

Young Elizabeth is a bright, highly imaginative, aspiring author who writes about her adventures with her extraordinary cat, Rollo, and the bond between the two of them and Elizabeth’s friends. Set in a small, mid-Atlantic town off the Chesapeake Bay, her story describes the events stemming from the arrival of an old safe at Elizabeth’s father’s office and how Elizabeth, Rollo and their friends struggle to solve the mystery that surrounds it. It is a treacherous journey, as the two of them and company fight to survive the onslaught of desperate strangers who believe the secret of the safe lies with Elizabeth and her family.

And so the story is told…

The tale is told by the nineteen-year-old college student, Elizabeth, who is thinking back, writing about her adventures with Rollo and Elizabeth’s friends when she was fifteen. It’s episodic, each chapter having its own cliff-hanger ending – with Elizabeth telling her tales on a “just between you and me” basis with the reader. Then one day, our college student encounters her own dangerous situation on campus. (“ROLLLLLLOOOOO!!” …But I’m getting ahead of my story.)

And in the end, there is a surprise, a revelation that not even more seasoned middle grade readers – or literary agents? – will anticipate.

YE&R is a story about self-awareness, courage, creativity – and the power of dreams, a ballpoint pen and a spiral notebook.

Thank you for taking a look.

First Chapter Preview

See the eBook reader below.  Click on the crossed arrows icon to make the preview larger – and then again, when you’re done reading, to return to this article.  And be sure to let me know what you think.  I respond personally to every email I receive.


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