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Lester Ray.

“Lester Ray” isn’t my whole name.  It’s my first two names.  You know, like “Bobby Joe.”  It’s what my mother called me when I was a little kid – and what she shouted outside our front door when I was late for dinner.  For most of my life, my name – as you’ll see on materials I’ve written – is Les Cohen and I live and write in Maryland.

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All original materials on this website – including content, stories and books I have written – are copyrighted by me, Les Cohen, Ellicott City, MD as of when they were first written.  All rights reserved by the author.

As of June 1, 2023, the short-short stories I have written – ebook versions of which are included below – have been read a total of 25,333 times since they were first published, individually, in the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

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Hi.  My website is about 7 short stories and books I’ve written.  They’re all ebooks that you can read on your computer, pad or phone – or download them to read later or print.  There’s a post, an article for each one of them.

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Note that some of my books are for sale at Apple Books and affiliated online book stores. Look them up by searching for the title or my name, Les Cohen.  Thanks!

Short-Short Stories…

The short-short stories listed below have been published,
weekly, in the “Literature” section of the
Baltimore Post-Examiner where, collectively, they have already been read
tens of thousands of times.

***  Short-Short Stories Preview!  ***

The Elevator Trilogy
Short-short stories for high school
(young adult) readers.

What’s a “short-short story”?  It’s a short-story that usually has only 3 to 5 or so pages, so each story is a real quick read.  Just the break you need every now and then from the pace and pressures of life. Read the description in the slide below – if you have time.

The stories are about all sorts of stuff, from romance to drama and some sci-fi.  Something for everyone.

I’m doing the final editing now of all 62 short-short stories I’ve written.  When I’m done, the entire ebook will be for sale at Apple Books.  For now, to give you a sense of what these stories are like, here are the PDF versions of the first 27 stories.  Take a look and let me know what you think.


The Elevator Trilogy Slide

Here goes…

01. The Elevator Trilogy

02. Last Picked

03. The Prophecy

04. Finding Dana

05. Precocious

06. Dialogue

07. Creative Running

08. Mind Over Maury

09. Dream a Little Dream of Me

10. The Fly and the Blonde

11. Jones

12. Double Fake

13. Bob

14. Guardian

15. Corporate Culture

16. Jimmy Loves Melissa

17. Organic Gardening

18. The Bully

19. The Eulogy

20. Memo to Carolyn

21. Relationship Saving Time

22. The Babysitter

23. Bubba and the Other Tomatoes

24. The Penny

25. Say Goodbye to Jane

26. Dream On

27. Enchilada Books

28.  The Speed Date

29.  Silent Partners

30.  Broken Rose

31.  Lot Boy

32.  The Commute

33.  The Ripple Effect

34.  Exhausted

35.  Next Contestant

36.  HonoLulu’s

37.  Road Trip

38.  Unfaithful

39.  First Date

40.  I, Your Son

41.  The Hangover

42.  Cleavage

43.  Shiny Things

44.  Stranger On The Bus

45.  Craig’s Lisp

Note that some of my books are for sale at Apple Books and affiliated online book stores. Look them up by searching for the title or my name, Les Cohen.  Thanks!